LCD Smartie 5.4 for Windows 10


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LCD Smartie is software that is designed to handle the LCD display with interface'm to PC'a. This application allows you to display on the LCD such as information concerning Winamp, Internet, networking, statistics, game servers and equipment. The program gives the user a highly configurable. Supported display-All displays serial / usb Crystalfontz. - All displays serial / usb Matrix Orbital. - All LCD with a parallel connection, the controller compatible with HD44780 and the 8-bit lines. - Most of the devices serial / USB / BT / IR PalmOS. Supported paper sizes-1x10, 1x16, 1x20, 1x24, 1x40, - 2x16, 2x16, 2x20, 2x24, 2x40, - 4x16, 4x20, 4x40